Mission and vision

INDUSTRIAL SAGARRA, S.L. mission’s gathers the objective of our company and the most intimate core of its personality: The efficient and profitable production of industrial cardboard tubes and packaging in a safe and healthy way by our employees and responsible with our social and environmental functions providing value through active observation and the proactive development of new techniques and functionalities that help our customers to improve their products, services and / or processes and actively collaborating with the social agents of our environment.

Our values ​​are based on 360-degree reliability, a vocation for service, technical proactivity, a focus on differentiation and social commitment.

INDUSTRIAL SAGARRA, S.L. vision is the idea that we have of ourselves and what we want to achieve as a company by becoming a profitable and recognized organization in our environment and an international technological benchmark by highlighting our productive capabilities and technical developments achieved in a sustainable way over time, taking care of our team and being responsible with our environment and the natural environment.



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