Jointube- Open-End Cores

Attending to market demands and focusing on the improvement of our costumers packaging costs and quality, our engineering department has developed and patented a new shaped paper tube which leads to lower packaging costs in palletized shipments.


The top of JOINTUBE® has been designed with a special connectable-shape allowing its continuous vertical assembling. This property allows reducing from 50% to 70% the paper separators thickness which are usually placed between each level of yarn bobbins.

Consequently, pallet composition turns even more compact and suitable for transport.



The novelty of the product is that the tube is now stackable. Thanks to this feature, cardboard sheet thickness used as separators in pallets can be reduced between 35% and 70 %.


jointube-4 Left pallet:
Using JOINTUBE® with one divider sheet makes the pallet more compact and smaller.
Right pallet:
Old style with standard tube. Height difference equals to thickness of cardboard saved.



 Number of layers per pallet  12    12
 Number of yarn bobbins on each layer  11    11
 Total number of bobbins / pallet  132    132
Number of division layers 13   13
Number of sheet dividers / division layers 3   1
Total number of sheet dividers / pallet 39   13
Sheet divider unit price * 0.336 €   0.520 €
Total number of sheet dividers / pallet 39   13
Sheet dividers TOTAL COST 13,10 €   6.76 €
OLD STYLE Sheet dividers TOTAL COST 13.10 €    
JOINTUBE Sheet dividers TOTAL COST 6.76 €    
COST SAVINGS / pallet 6.34 €    
COST SAVINGS / tube (bobbin) 0.05 €    
COST SAVINGS / yarn kg ** 0.016 €    
* JOINTUBE divider is thicker than old style sheet divider unit
** 3 kg / bobbin   


Building pallets with JOINTUBE® tubes, increases the transport unit stability, as well as improves pallet compactness and increases its capacity with an extra row. Consequently, transport costs are reduced.


Furthermore, the system blocks any lateral move of any bobbin, sticking relative distances between yarn bobbins inside each level and avoiding any undesired friction between yarn.


JOINTUBE® tubes can be used instead of standard tubes, no modification of supports nor special adjustments in the spinning machines are needed.



Our flexography printer system on the top and the base of the tube allows our costumers to easily identify and classify their different yarn qualities.



JOINTUBE® tubes have a grinded surface that gives an excellent friction ratio between the tube and the last laps of yarn compared to other finishing in the market.



Nowadays the main application of JOINTUBE® has been found out in OPEN END yarning process, where yarn shipments had already been made in most of the occasions by pallets.

Nevertheless, advantages introduced by this product are generating at this moment some analysis and trials for its introduction in other sectors where pallet shipments had not traditionally been used; for instance textured yarn tubes.

jointube-9 JOINTUBE® textured yarn tubes





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