Bull-nosed - Tube for winding yarn POY, DTY, FDY

The first tube made in Europe for winding yarn POY, DTY, FDY… made of polyester, polyamide or polypropylene with one curled side to improve the effectiveness of unwinding and warping, especially in the texturing processes. The tube can be dotted if requested, with an In-Body RFDI tag (Patented Utility).


  • The unwinding side of the tube is curled. This means 100% efficiency in the continuity of the reserve, highly efficient in processes of texturing (DTY) because of the short distance from the bobbin to the texturing equipment
  • The catching groove is continuous and progressive; it can be produced with or without a self-designed Window Notch for a Barmag Craft Winder reaching near 100% efficiency in the automatic change
  • The production line is dotted with an electronic length control able to measure each tube and control one to one to avoid any single tube out of specs
  • While manufacturing, there’s the possibility of incorporating a RFID Tag, in the own body of the tube. This can be read and rewritten but can’t be seen, can’t be damaged, etc. and all that goes with the RFID technology: transport and availability of the information with the own product, 100% tracking reliable, automatic control of warehouses, automatic delivery notes… This means an added value for the yarn end user
  • Smooth surface: pre-printed multicolour label allows you to use any colour you wish with only one overlap




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