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Yarn, Fabrics and Textile Industry

Spinning cores for Open-end; and Man-made fibre yarns POY, FDY, DTY, ... (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene). Parallel tubes to bobbin fabrics and textile pieces. Cardboard tubes for tissue and nonwoven tissue.

Paper mills

Paper tubes to bobbin any kind of paper. Custom made to meet each customer’s requirements. For any kind of paper manufacturers such as stuccoed paper, tissue paper, special papers… High straightness and roundness for winding and unwinding.

Plastic and strap

Specially made cores for film winding (retractable, polyethylene), to bobbin plastic nets, tape (adhesive, insulating…). Consistent and high quality tape cores. Tubes made for plastic strap.

Printing industries

Paper rings for graphics market. Tape and label cores. Rings are cut at exact size according to printers, packaging and adhesive label specialists’ specifications.

Paper developers

Specially made cores for hygiene and cleaning paper producers.
Tubes for winding cellulose, hand driers, toilet paper, etc.

Flexible packaging

Spiral paper tubes for flexible packaging winding and unwinding. Designed cores to bobbin polyester, aluminium, polyethylene... layers. Cores for food and pharmaceutical packaging providers.

Standard tubes

Carton tubes for mailings, packing and storing. Multifunctional paper tubes to pack any kind of product such as blinds, curtains, fluorescent tubes, urban furniture, merchandising, vinyl, etc.


PACKINTUBE offers a wide range of cylindrical cardboard tubes for bottles of wine, cosmetics, food, perfumes, watches, gifts... Boxes of different sizes, colours and formats. Original and creative packaging for any kind of product. Design boxes for your brand.

Other products

In addition to paper cores, Industrial Sagarra offers other products such as paper (kraft, test liner…), integral dividers (cardboard box spacers), paper corners (for pallets protection) and plastic tubes.



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